Individualized Balance Scorecard - Technical Program Manager

What is your current year-end revenue? (Remember your target is 8M for ERP and 4M for Kintone)

How many subscribers do you have for Kintone? (Remember your target is 500 of 2000)

How have you contributed to the financial sustainability of the enterprise?

Consistently Exceed ExpectationsConsistently Meet ExpectationsMeet ExpectationsDidn't Meet Expectations
Timely completion of project deliverables
Submits request for procurement at least 1 month before time it is needed
Keeps track of resources consumed per project

Do you have any unscheduled downtime?

Did you meet the 15% project profitability?

How many of our clients referred us for ERP / Kintone? (Remember your target is 3)

What is your current customer satisfaction rating?

Have you worked on our internal business processes to be automated or digitized through ERP or Kintone?

CML Centre for Mastery and Life-long LearningCML Transformative Coaching and Consulting ServicesFamk'next Co-learning MakerSpace Innovation LabCML Well-being and Psychological Services
Knowledge Management
Shared Services: HR
Shared Services: Marketing
Shared Services: Accounting and Finance

What is your % of Completion for ERP Real Estate and HRIS Localized Product Development?

What is your current response time for External / Internal Communication? (Remember your target is 48 hours)

Did you attend a learning and development program this month?

Have you shared what you learned?

How many training hours do you have for this period?